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Get cognitive experiences, understand customer or employee needs, gain exclusive insight and enhance the performance by using natural language speech.

LuckyEye Cognitive

We are standing on the verge of huge changes. Is your business ready for the cognitive era?

Transform challenges into opportunities with LuckyEye Cognitive solutions!

LuckyEye Cognitive Solutions Transforms Customer and Employee Experience

The world is redesigned by artificial intelligence techs. People are on the era of transforming their works with cognitive computing technologies. Therefore LuckyEye offers cognitive computing solutions for the business world with the LuckyEye Cognitive solutions.

Providing a cognitive advantage in your company's products or services now offers you the business model of your future. As a LuckyEye Cognitive team, we are looking forward many innovations from cognitive computing trends to artificial intelligence developments. LuckyEye Cognitive solutions offer exclusive experience to brands. Helping brands to provide custom experiences, understand customer or employee needs, communicate in real time, gain exclusive insight and enhance the performance by using natural language speech.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning (ML), is a computer field that allows machine systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from the experience. The computer is developing its own performance and the existing data by using software that implements artificial intelligence techniques.

What is Cognitive Computing?

Cognitive Computing means that cognitive information is used with cognitive processing, or cognitive approach with comprehension skills. While human cognition is natural, cognitive systems are imitated and modeled on the behavior of human.

Cognitive computing is a comprehensive set of technological capabilities such as machine learning and natural language processing. Cognitive computing systems develop with natural language queries, real time computing and machine learning. IBM’s Watson is a cognitive technology that can think like a human.

What are LuckyEye Cognitive solutions?

LEVA (LuckyEye Virtual Assistant) is a cognitive assistant designed by LuckyEye to provide a brand-specific customer experience. As one of the LuckyEye Cognitive solutions LEVA, supported by the IBM Watson service infrastructure, guides your customers to experience your brand.

LEVA, takes the customer experience to a completely different dimension. One of the most important factors in the journey of customer experience is to focus on the needs and feelings of the target audience. LEVA is not just a code that play a key role in interactive systems, but people who work with it to give form and meet the needs. LEVA, programmed to answer natural questions, is your private customer assistant and represents you to add value to your business by interacting with your customers.

Leva has many use cases. One of them is LEVA İşinizde! LEVA İşinizde means LEVA at Work as a cognitive work assistant. With this solution you are assisted for activities such as creating activities, opening activities, searching for files, setting up meeting rooms. Your employees provide a new communication advantage to transform your business and your workplace by cognitive computing technologies. LEVA İşinizde is the integrated cognitive work assistant with Office 365 and IBM Connections 6.0, supported by the IBM Watson service infrastructure.

How to Integrate Your Company?

You can take benefit of cognitive computing by integrating LuckyEye Cognitive solutions into your company's digital marketing strategies or employee experience.

What Are Benefits?

With LuckyEye Cognitive solutions, customer and employee experience are now changing:

  • Natural language speaking,
  • Data analyzing,
  • Giving answers to your questions,
  • Providing new perspective angles,
  • Improving with knowledge,
  • Contributing to your expertises,
  • Delivering full productivity in all departments,
  • Time-saving,
  • Adapting,
  • Interaction similar to human beings and opening doors to a whole new era of cognitive work.

How can you get?

Contact us about LuckyEye Cognitive solutions’ benefits and decide together what's better for you.

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