Garanti Investor Relations Website01Garanti Investor Relations WebsiteInvestor Relations, Digital Marketing, LEDIS

We are preparing Interactive Annual Reports for Garanti Bank Investor Relations.

Rixos03RixosDigital Marketing, SEO/SEM, Analytics, LEDIS, CRM

LuckyEye developed global engaging websites for one of the World's leading luxury hotel brand, Rixos.

Pınar04PınarDigital Marketing, LEDIS, SEO/SEM, Analytics

Pınar is one of the oldest and most powerful FMCG brand in Turkey.

OnurAir05OnurAirDigital Marketing, LEDIS, Software Development

We published the latest corporate website of OnurAir which is the largest private airline company in Turkey, offering the best price for a fly.

International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival06International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

Polin08PolinDigital Marketing, SEO/SEM, LEDIS

We have designed a new web site for Polin; which is the biggest aqua park designer and producer in the world.

Aroma09AromaDigital Marketing, SEO/SEM

We have designed Aroma's web site which is one of the oldest juice brands in Turkey.

Sarelle12SarelleDigital Marketing

Sarelle's package is what influenced us when designing the web site.

Tadelle13TadelleDigital Marketing

We have created Tadelle's brand site in line with their latest marketing motto "What we don't include to Tadelle is as important as what we include to Tadelle."

Pınar Su15Pınar SuDigital Marketing, LEDIS

Site design was pulled from "Yasam Pinarim" concept and emphasizes health, naturalness and freshness themes.

Mercedes16MercedesSolutions to Custom Problems, Portal Solutions, Variable Printing, Adobe

We have created a communication platform in order to improve brand - dealer relations.

Karsan Jest17Karsan JestDigital Marketing, SEO/SEM, LEDIS, Analytics

Karsan has been producing minibuses for public transportation under the JEST brand.

Unit Electricity18Unit ElectricityDigital Marketing, SEO/SEM, LEDIS

Unit Elektrik is the subsidiary of Unit Group that operates on buying selling of electricity for wholesale and retail market.

T-bank19T-bankDigital Marketing, LEDIS, SEO/SEM, Analytics

We have developed T-Bank's corporate web site in line with their integrated communication strategy.

Gsd Holding20Gsd HoldingDigital Marketing, SEO/SEM

We have redesigned GSD Holding's corporate web site with combining all group companies which work on the different sectors under the same roof.

Polin Ipad Application21Polin Ipad ApplicationMobile

We've developed an iPad Application for Polin's potential customers.

Turkish Coffee Association22Turkish Coffee AssociationDigital Marketing, SEO/SEM, LEDIS, Analytics

Turkish Coffee Culture and Research Association is working with a goal of adopting Turkish Coffee Culture and transforming it to a globally known value.

Mishka23MishkaDigital marketing, LEDIS, E-commerce

Mishka is a boutique food company, growing all- natural products in its own gardens, using no chemical fertilizers or hybrid seeds.

Ottomans24OttomansLEDIS, Digital Marketing, E-commerce

www.theottomans.com is an online shopping project, owned by LuckyEye, offering unique products from exclusive collections reflecting Ottoman style.

TEV25TEVLEDIS, Digital Marketing, SEO/SEM, Analytics

For TEV, we have developed a new website, with a modern interface andan online donation application.

Pera Museum26Pera MuseumDigital Marketing, SEO/SEM, Analytics

Web site of Pera Museum offers a unique experience for art-lovers.

Social Business TR27Social Business TRDigital Marketing, Blog

Social Business Turkey is the only Turkish blog that covers the world of Social Business.

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