Event You Make


Event You Make offers a brand new experience in creation of events.

The keyword of this digital era is,engagement. Event You Make is a web platform that is based on user generated content. Event You Make’s mission is to help bring dream events such as concerts, cinema festivals and training/ seminar to life, where users, organizers and sponsors are under one roof.

LuckyEye prepared the engaging digital experience of Event You Make,to make eventsfrom mere ideas to reality.

We have developed a custom platform for Event You Make.Managerscan use their dashboard to create and manage eventsand get detailed reports. On the other hand, users can also make requestson eventyoumake.com for an event, which they want to be held anywhere.When both parties’ interests meet, a new event is born!

Our services:

  • Process Design
  • Interface Design
  • Development of Custom Software
  • Offline / Offline Marketing
  • Digital Ad Campaign Management
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO/ SEM
  • Analytics

Event You Make

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