Nurol REIT


We developed Nurol REIT’s and its key real estate projects’ digital channels.

A powerful website is thekey in making a real estate sale in the digital age.

We prepared Nurol Park, Nurol Tower and Nurol Life projects’ websites and also the corporate website of Nurol Real Estate Investment Trust (Nurol REIT) which is a brand of Nurol Group, known as one of the largest international construction companies in the world with 50 years of experience.

These digital projects are designed with theUser Experience as the main focus from start to finish.User Experience Design requires a deep understanding ofthe target group. So, we have worked with a "design for the user" strategy to support Nurol’s sales targets.

Nurol REIT corporate website www.nurolgyo.com and its key projects nurollife.com, nurolpark.com and nuroltower.com websites are being maintained by LuckyEye team, as well.

  • Responsive Design ,
  • Interactive Maps,
  • Location Management Application,
  • Ledis Content Management System
  • Detailed Information, Contact and Prerequest Forms
  • CRM Integration,
  • Bilingual Websites, in Turkish and English
  • Social Media Content Management
  • Mailing
  • SEO & SEM Services

We keep providing digital consultancy as a part our LuckyCare services for Nurol REIT’s digital marketing operations.

Nurol REIT

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