Professionalism is being redefined in the mobile World.
Accelerate your approval process with ApproveFast


Accelerate your approval process with ApproveFast

How many separate applications do you use to manage your Professional life? 1, 2, 3 …? Are those applications enough?

We think that you need more application but don’t you have enough time to coordinate so many applications?

Did you ever hear of a mobile application that has been personalized, integrates with other systems, shares with other parties what you have received, and has passed all the security tests?

How much profit can you make in your own organization by transferring the processes in your company to mobile platforms?

We have a new application that determines the most efficient behavior patterns from the behavioral models of mobile users, optimizes and optimizes applications according to these models, and improves productivity by providing you with time advantage.



İt doesnt matter where your are, feel comfortable as you are in your office with ApproveFast. With a single mobile app that you can download from your Smartphone, tablet and all your mobile devices, you can manage all the processes in your company and see what actions are being taken, track approval processes, make changes to incoming approval requests, and receive reports. We have combined and mobilized the approval processes within all of your company’s applications. Now all the processes involved in applications such as ERP, CRM, Accounting, Human Resources, Finance, Intranet, Project Management are in your hands.


ApproveFast is the safest way to connect your time and space to your independent office …


How Does ApproveFast Work?

You use many applications in your organization and each has its own separate interfaces. You even need to use separate usernames and passwards to enter on of the sections. You need to remember how you will complete your responsibilities by learning how each one works. For example, how much time do you spend giving approval for a human resources form? How many times are you login to your in-house application per a day? How much time do you spend for trying to keep the process going on in every application? Or if the applications that you use are not smart enough, what are you doing to be able to advance a process that is waiting for your approval?

ApproveFast application brings together the approval processes in your organization with IBM Mobile First Platform. The approval processes in all applications used in your organization are transferred to the ApproveFast server via web services. The ApproveFast server transfers personalized processes to your mobile application with a single interface using the Active Directory structure used in the enterprise. With your ApproveFast application, which your employees associate with their Active Directory usernames and passwords, you can see their specific processes from different applications on a single screen, examine details, accept or reject them, or keep them waiting for more detail. At the time of the transaction, the internal application is transferred and the process is continued. Your team is notified by push notification when a new process approves and the others can list them.

ApproveFast is hosted on your company’s data center, if your wish, or on the IBM Softlayer platform. All data exchange is enctypted with SSL certificate.


How do I get started?

It’s very east to use ApproveFast in your company. Just call us and let we evaluate your processes together, and decide together how you will pass to ApproveFast. Our goal is to ensure you use ApproveFast within 60 days!