IBM Connections

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IBM Connections 6.0

IBM® Connections 6.0™ is a collaboration platform that integrates email, activity and task management, instant messaging, file sharing, collaborative document editing and more into a unified solution.

Today we have got a more knowledge than before. İt’s a good thing, but sometimes reaching to needed information can be very difficult. With IBM Connections 6.0, now you can access information more easily.

IBM Connections 6.0 is designed to integrate with expert networks based on opportunities that arise from the trust and anticipation of users in critical business process.

Now you can increase productivity and employee engagement with IBM Connections.

With IBM Connections 6.0, users can edit their profiles; events, blogs, communities, placemarks, business cards, and so on. They can become members of relevant communities, share information and gain expertise by providing a network of jobs.

This integrated and security-rich platform helps people with critical business processes integrate with expert networks. Everyone can now move in the direction of safety, anticipation and respond to emerging opportunities.

With IBM Connections 6.0;

Boost your productivity. Every day.

Infuse collaborative capabilities into your business processes to make work more intuitive and accelerate daily tasks.

Make your tools your partner.
Access what matters most when it matters most with a cognitive partner that adapts to how you work.

Improve employee effectiveness.
Create a digital workplace hub that delivers the content and applications people need to be more effective at their jobs.

Cut training costs
Get started fast, too. New IBM connections users typically require zero training support.

Enhance security
Help ensure security and privacy with enterprise security features and build-in spam and virus protection services. Provides encryption protections and more.