IBM Watson
Marketing Insights

Cloud-based solution that surfaces AI-powered predictive customer insights and recommends target audiences to help marketers drive more effective interactions.


IBM Watson
Marketing Insights

IBM Watson Marketing Insights provides AI-powered recommendations designed to help marketers understand and anticipate customer behaviors. It recommends prioritized target audiences based on key predictors, or lets you explore your own, creating segments based on a rich profile of customer data compiled from multiple sources utilizing complex and robust queries.

You can export the resulting target audience lists to any requesting application across channels in just a few clicks. Use the visual interface to construct the most impactful audience for your campaign strategies, becoming more relevant to your customers and the customer journey.

The Solution includes the following key elements:

Pre-packaged Cognitive Analytics

Watson Marketing Insights on Cloud includes self-learning models that are constantly being refreshed by marketers. Begin generating responses without complex data modeling and configuration.

Suggested Target Group

IBM analyzes the solution and suggests interested parties. They quickly identify the most effective actions, rank their priorities, and then continue to explore ideas to create custom masses.

Easy-to-use Interface

An intuitive interface makes it easy for marketers to start analyzing data without expert analysis capabilities. Access suggested customer lists and estimated analytic starting points. Go deep and explore ideas through interactive visualization…

Exportable Audience Lists

Provide new information to the systems and people who need them. With just a few clicks, create and share audience lists to deliver marketing services.

Cloud-Based Solution

Eliminate ongoing solution management and take advantage of continuous updates effortlessly.

How Can You Use IBM Watson Marketing Insights
For Your Business?

IBM Watson Marketing Insights provides cognitive recommendations designed to help marketers understand and predict customer behavior. It allows you to do your own discovery by creating chapters based on key predictions or sections based on rich customer data profiles compiled from a large number of sources that use complex and robust queries.