IBM Watson Customer
Experience Analytics


IBM Watson
Customer Experience Analytics

As digital channels grow, new opportunities and complexities of understanding customers come along. In order to provide customer experience and achieve a good result, we need to fully understand the customer. Understand every step of the journey with Customer Experience Analysis.

Visualize customer travel, repeat sessions, and access the information you need to create a customer experience. To explore opportunities, explore your sites and practices from a customer perspective.

Design a seamless customer experience for every customer to be understood and optimized. Bring up the information you need to solve the problems, increase conversions, and maximize lifetime customer value.

Visualize customer journeys

Visualize and rank cross-channel customer journeys by performance. Understand precisely how customers interact with your sites and apps.


Redesign Customer Experiences

Repeat any session to see exactly what your customer is experiencing. Identify new opportunities to improve the customer experience and elaborate the journey to get more conversions.


Get the ideas that you need

Know what marketing campaigns, touchpoints, and channels drive revenue and other business outcomes. Determine ROI and understand where to invest and what’s not working.





Benefits of
IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics